Campbient Volume One

Campbient Volume One

Campbient Volume One is the recording produced from the debut Campbient residency in July of 2019. As an annual sound art residency program sponsored by REALMOREREAL, Campbient brings together 22 participants for 44 hours to produce two, 22- minute live ambient sound recordings. This is a vinyl-only release of the soundscape composition that was recorded and mixed all on location during the weekend residency.

Read more about the residency program here.

The resultant composition is an editorialized soundscape, layered in a musique concrète / assemblage tradition. The base field recording was made with an ambisonic microphone, and additional sonic elements from acoustic instruments, portable electronics, and supplemental field recordings were all recorded on site. Of note is that the entire recording process was battery powered, completely off the electrical grid. This provided unique opportunities and constraints for the realization of the composition. All of the post-processing and mixing occurred within the allotted time. Final mixing and mastering took place in-studio after the residency.

The participating artists divided themselves up into two groups, one responsible for each side of the record. The AM group recorded their source material in the morning hours, the PM group recorded theirs in the evening.

Listen to it here: