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Hi, and welcome to the REALMOREREAL website. it’s still a work in progress, so please excuse the mess!

REALMOREREAL is an art brand and ongoing thought experiment on expanding and redefining the social utility of art, and how art can help make manifest a better reality for all people and the biosphere as a whole.

We produce, promote, and represent culture work and workers by a variety of means. We value all forms and modalities of art making but are especially interested in those forms that are marginalized, ephemeral, or difficult-to-monetize. Performance, sound art, and socially engaged practices are some of the things we are interested at the moment. Is there something or someone you think we should know about? Drop us an email.

We love collaborating with other humans – whatever you do with your life, be it in the arts, any of the sciences, philosophy, or any other discipline. Why not get on our email list below, and stay up to date on our activities? There’s a lot more exciting stuff coming soon!