<Stories from the 22nd Century Campfire>

CMPFR.22c is a collaborative, serialized storytelling project of speculative fiction.

CMPFR.22c is a collaborative storytelling project of speculative fiction, an episodic future history crossing genres and generations — stories told around the campfire where humans have gathered over thousands of years to share our experience, our wisdom, our hopes, and our fears.

CMPFR.22c brings together storytellers, actors, artists, and sound artists/designers around a “sonic campfire” to create a collection of stories imagining the decades of the 22nd century.

CMPFR.22c is like an aural chain letter from the past about the future. Each episode is approximately four minutes in length and is temporally tied to one decade in the future. The interpretation of how, or even whether, the timelines relate to each other is entirely up to the listener.

Collaborative groups below developed a short story, performed the narration, and produced the accompanying soundscape. Constructed sequentially over a 10-week period to build upon each other to describe an entire century. Each working group had one week to complete their task, all working remotely. Similar to the Dadaist game of Exquisite Corpse, each consecutive sound artist/designer received a random 10 second audio clip of the previous episode, chosen and provided by previous sound artist. Writers also received the story written for the decade immediately preceding their own.

CMPFR.22c debuted on Radio Brennpunkt on June 6, 2021, and is archived in an interactive online computer terminal emulator that plays back the story accompanied by the written text.

CMPFR.22c Credits

Decade 1, 2100 – 2109:

Words: Mark Blickley
Voice: Shin Yu Pai
Sound: Trevor Vicks

Decade 2, 2110 – 2119:

Words: Kaitlin Losansky
Voice: Jason Hamann
Sound: Rebecca Fernandes

Decade 3, 2120 – 2129:

Words: Alina Rios
Voice: Sophie Kashman
Sound: Ruth Kazmerzak

Decade 4, 2130 – 2139:

Words: Anna Wannquist
Voice: Ian Frank
Sound: Marco Forlin

Decade 5, 2140 – 2149:

Words: Cecilia Seaward
Voice: Oceana Marie Dunsire
Sound: St Celfer

Decade 6, 2150 – 2159:

Words: Emma Shafer
Voice: Lennox Helmeid
Sound: Rob Godman

Decade 7, 2160 – 2169:

Words: Jackson McKeehan
Voice: Emily Bishop
Sound: Ethan Massa

Decade 8, 2170 – 2179:

Words: Amber Cortes
Voice: Nick Willis
Sound: Lisa Schmidt

Decade 9, 2180 – 2189:

Words: Aiken Muller
Voice: Juli Brown
Sound: Gavin Brooks

Decade 10, 2190 – 2199:

Words: Brad Muller
Voice: Emma Shafer
Sound: David W Halsell

Produced by:

Aiken Muller, AJ Lindner, Amber Cortes, Brad Muller, Clayton Kinney, David W Halsell, James Wenlock

A project of:


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