<Stories from the 22nd Century Campfire>

CMPFR.22c is a collaborative, serialized storytelling project of speculative fiction.

!What will the world be like 100 years from now? 

CMPFR.22c is a collaborative storytelling project of speculative fiction, an episodic future history crossing genres and generations — stories told around the campfire where humans have gathered over thousands of years to share our experience, our wisdom, our hopes, and our fears.

CMPFR.22c brings together storytellers, actors, artists, and sound artists-designers around a “sonic campfire” to create a collection of stories imagining the decades of the 22nd century. 

>> Think of it as an aural chain letter from the past, about the future. <<

Collaborative groups develop a short story, perform the narration, and produce the accompanying soundscape. Each group’s 4-minute recorded sound composition tells the story  of one decade in the future. The episodic decades are constructed sequentially over a 10-week period, each built upon the previous, to illustrate an entire century. 

!How it Works:

# A maximum of 30 participants sign up for one of three roles of writer, voice actor, or sound designer. 

# Participants are randomly grouped into artist teams of three. Each artist team is then randomly assigned a decadal episode to produce. Other than the guidelines specified herein, the dynamics and mechanics of how a team collaborates is decided by that team.

# Each participant plays one of the roles (writer, voice actor, or sound designer.) The writer produces a written text of 300 words max, the voice actor performs and records the text, and the sound artist builds a composition around the recording of the text. 

# The production time allotment for each decadal episode is one week.

# Other than the first team, writers receive the entire text from the previous decadal episode.

# Other than the first team, each successive sound artist/designer gets a random 10 second clip of the previous episode and an audio stem (for this purpose a full-length stereo recording sourced from one or more individual tracks), chosen and provided by previous sound artist.

# The organizers will act as facilitators to help with communication, logistics, questions, etc. Facilitators will be “active bystanders” and will not influence the aesthetic or editorial content of the works.

# Each group starts with a video meeting with the facilitator to discuss the project.

# The final project will be premiered on Radio Brennpunkt and made available on online and through streaming services.

# The works will all be licensed  under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

# Open call is complete, thank you to all who applied. You will hear from us soon!

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