NUUK – Visit to Sisimiut

Visit to Sisimiut is the second album from Berlin ambient duo NUUK

NUUK are two people,
Modular synthesist Christian Gierden and soundscape composer Lorenz Erdmann both share a love for contrasting harmonies and parameter-controlled sonic characteristics.

When playing and composing together as NUUK their manifold musical backgrounds help unfold sonic landscapes ranging from sparse droney spheres to sparkling melodic rhythms.

A hideout.

NUUK’s music is framed by an escapist mood. It draws and evokes narratives of northern natural milieus: The sea, profound fjords, sparse green, enchanted forests. The duo’s compositions also reflect the fragile and ephemeral character of an endangered nature: Melting glaciers, vanishing flora and fauna, shifting seasonal periods.
In this regard, the moniker NUUK is a metaphor.

NUUK’s music takes you on
a mental holiday

Berlin -based NUUK enlisted the collaboration of REALMOREREAL, an arts organization based in Seattle to expand the audio project and make it “more real.” Together the two teams proposed the use of photos from an actual visit to Greenland, to connect sonic travel with physical travel. 10 photos were transformed into postcards that would become the cover of an album. Before these artifacts of travel would be affixed to the album cover they would also go on their own journey.

10 postcards of each of the 10 photos (100 in total) were sent from REALMOREREAL in Seattle to the duo NUUK in Berlin. From Berlin, they were sent to a few volunteers based in Nuuk, Greenland who received them and completed the journey by returning them to Seattle. Once the journey was completed, each of the postcards was affixed to a limited pressing of 100 vinyl records.

An initial sketch of the process is depicted on the reverse side of the album cover

The final product has become an Escher-esque adventure into issues of space, the unusual, and multiple points of view – an audio illusion.