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Radio Brennpunkt

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Radio Brennpunkt is streaming Internet radio playing a mix of unusual music, sound art, live shows, and other fringe programming.
All audio content is either Creative Commons, in the public domain, or presented with explicit permission from the creator or copyright holder. Radio Brennpunkt is a new project by RealMoreReal.

Radio Brennpunkt is all about real interaction and real community. We hope to grow this community and actively listen to more voices by encouraging panel attendees to tune into what other everyday folk are making. We encourage them to share their work with us and together to keep building this community of people stepping away from all of the systems trying to make money off of their work and empowering them to instead use their art to build community with one another. 

How does radio adapt to the streaming age? What even is the purpose of radio now? In a world where an algorithm can make endless playlists for you with music geared towards your individual preferences, why would someone chance it with a stranger? Furthermore, what is getting played on these streaming service playlists/radios? 

These are all questions we asked in building Radio Brennpunkt. What we discovered was a personal but lonely system churning out music you are sure to love but unlikely to be challenged by. We discovered the wealth and riches of music that is kept outside this system. This can be because it comes from a non-western culture that does not have the same systems we do or because it’s from a hobby artist who just puts it on Soundcloud and can’t afford to or does not feel motivated to pay the costs of getting the music on streaming. Regardless, we discovered that streaming is not fulfilling all the ways we need music nor is it very inclusive.

Radio Brennpunkt seeks to help fill in the picture by providing a holistic central hub for people across the world to tune in to the sounds of the world, the whole world. Radio Brennpunkt serves as a curational system to deliver new and thought-provoking ideas, music, and sounds in the building of a habit of growth, as well as a mindset for change. Our mission is to change the perception in our culture that commercial value equals artistic value. Through using Creative Commons works as our main source of music, we are encouraging more artists to release on this platform and to build this community of artists  stepping away from all of the people trying to make money off of their work and empowering them to use their art to build community with one another. 

We believe that the for-profit society we all maneuver through stifles the growth of human cultural capital. This cultural capital is fostered and built upon in communities. Therefore, in building community through our station we are not only fostering the growth of our overall human cultural capital  but also fostering the individuals (be it radio participants or listeners) to grow as well. Humans can not solve problems when they don’t have the human cultural capital required. More simply stated, systems don’t outperform their resources. When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real.