Ilke-Ta – The Benefits of Sitting Still – 7″



What are the benefits of sitting still?

No matter what you do or who you are, this past year has affected you greatly. Never in recent history have we as a collective been asked to be as still as we are now.

What can we gain from this? What can increased exposure to our locality provide to us?

This EP was developed during the first lockdown and is thus a Benefit of Sitting Still.

Coming in at just 7 minutes, we present this EP with the hope that you may take the short time to listen and to reflect. To sit still with your mind and think about how you have been changed and what you may want to change.

The Benefits of Sitting Still are up to you.

We encourage you to find them through these beautifully crafted tracks
full of chopped up samples, impeccable drumming, and glitches, this EP is Ilke-Ta stepping forward into his best form yet.

Each 7″ record also comes with a hand-stamped journal with which we implore you to explore the benefits of sitting still.