Spätzer – Dérive LP



From creator Aiken Bömers-Muller

“Dérive is a piece of work both connected and disconnected from me.

Inspiration for this album came after I attended Maerz Musik 2018, an idea and music festival in Berlin. I was blown away by the innovation of sound and theory and where the two crossed-over.

As I set out to create this piece, I wanted to find ways to take myself away from my musical habits and to be able to work past any creative blocks and ruts I might find myself in. At this point, the theories of Debord and Situationism kicked in. If I could let something else make decisions, that I could then play with and curate, I would never have to rely on just myself.

I accomplished this rolling dice, asking my friends to give me numbers, and as the process developed, through a Python script.

Dérive is the first culmination of what I hope to be a blooming approach to creating.

The works on this album have been curated by me, but are in no means mine. I did not birth them, I encountered them. Now you can too.