wiley soule – Been Midnight – Cassette



The debut release from wiley soule – BEEN MIDNIGHT

From the creator –

How many are the ways our stories can cut toward morning? Even as we train for ashes, I am convinced, we have got to make way for water, and early, or be mortal swept into its cup. These three songs are an exploration, a lean straight into and through some of my own very personal fictions, as I struggle to wake up to just what all this work is that lies ahead.

I would like to thank James Wenlock for his hours of care and work, mixing this EP with me and introducing me to things about sound that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Thanks to the folks at RealMoreReal for being so encouraging and taking a chance on my small musical grumblings. And most importantly, I want to thank Whitney. Without you, I don’t know if I could explore this much wild, open space and ever hope to find my way back.