wiley soule – Been Midnight

Been Midnight is the debut release from Seattle creator wiley soule, or as we know him, Clayton.

We first met Clayton during the 2019 Campbient Residency where he participated as a member of the AM Group on the track “Go Check On Your Sister”

We found Clayton to be an intriguing and thoughtful creator, he participated in our first Force Of Listening event where he tested out some of the work that appears on this EP.

He is a meticulous crafter and uses the art of electronic music as a healthy way to be able to micromanage every aspect of something.

Upon listening, it is obvious that Clayton is a master of fine detail and its result is a pulsing, glitchy artifact unlike any other.

From the artist, wiley soule

“How many are the ways our stories can cut toward morning? Even as we train for ashes, I am convinced, we have got to make way for water, and early, or be mortal swept into its cup. These three songs are an exploration, a lean straight into and through some of my own very personal fictions, as I struggle to wake up to just what all this work is that lies ahead.

I would like to thank James Wenlock for his hours of care and work, mixing this EP with me and introducing me to things about sound that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Thanks to the folks at RealMoreReal for being so encouraging and taking a chance on my small musical grumblings. And most importantly, I want to thank Whitney. Without you, I don’t know if I could explore this much wild, open space and ever hope to find my way back.